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ESense Defined

Updated: Mar 3

The genesis of our company's name, "ESense," is deeply rooted in a profound experience my wife and I had during our tour in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, back in 2006. It was a tour of duty that opened our eyes to a culture living on the precipice of life and death, a lifestyle starkly different from what we knew in the US.

In this vibrant and resilient community, we encountered a perspective that embraced existence with a unique intensity—a philosophy encapsulated by a term we coined together: "ESense." This term wasn't born out of mockery or condescension, as some might assume. Instead, it emerged from a profound appreciation for a mindset that comprehends the fragility of life and, consequently, embraces each moment with a vitality seldom witnessed elsewhere.

"ESense" embodies an ethos that recognizes the impermanence of life and the necessity of seizing the present. It's a mindset that acknowledges that tomorrow is never guaranteed, making today a precious gift to be treasured and lived to its fullest.

The core essence of "ESense" lies in this understanding: the recognition that the thread of life is delicate, urging us to embrace every moment with gratitude, purpose, and an unyielding zest for life.

Our company, inspired by this profound realization, carries forward the ethos of "ESense" as a guiding principle. It's a tribute to a culture that taught us to value each breath, cherish every experience, and approach life with a heightened awareness of its transient nature.

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