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ESense LLC sUAS Basic Flight Class

Did you know that ESense LLC offers a sUAS Basic Flight Class? This class is designed as an introductory experience for those curious about sUAS operations but not yet pursuing formal certification.

Purpose and Objectives:

The primary goal of our sUAS Basic Flight class is to provide participants with hands-on experience in flying small, unmanned aircraft. Whether you're a hobbyist, a potential commercial operator, or simply curious about drones, this class is an ideal starting point. By gaining practical flight experience, participants can better understand the principles of flight, drone operation, safety protocols, and the responsibilities that come with flying sUAS. The following are components of the course.

Pathway to certification.

Conduct preflight checklist.

Conduct a pre-op flight test.

Conduct basic flight maneuvers, visual only.

Conduct landing maneuvers, visual only.

Identify local obstructions.

What to Expect:

During the course, participants will have the opportunity to handle and fly sUAS under the guidance of experienced instructors. We cover essential topics such as pre-flight checks, basic maneuvers, flight controls, and safety procedures. Through both theoretical lessons and practical flight sessions, participants will develop a foundational understanding of sUAS operation.

Pathway to Certification:

While this class does not provide certification itself, it serves as an excellent steppingstone for those interested in pursuing formal certification or licenses for commercial or advanced drone operations. Our instructors can guide participants on the pathway to certification, explaining the necessary steps, training requirements, and industry standards.

Who Should Attend:

Enthusiasts curious about drone technology and flight.

Hobbyists interested in recreational drone flying.

Individuals considering a career in drone operations.

Anyone looking for a fun and educational experience with drones.

Benefits of the Class:

Hands-on flight experience with sUAS.

Understanding of basic flight principles and safety protocols.

Guidance on the pathway to certification and further training.

Interaction with knowledgeable instructors and fellow enthusiasts.

A supportive learning environment focused on practical skills development.

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