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Off-road courses for civilian clients

Updated: May 10

Did you know? ESense LLC isn't just for military and federal agencies! We're thrilled to offer certified courses to civilians too. Here’s what we offer.

1. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) Dirt Bike school.

"DirtBike School is a fun, one-day, hands-on training session available to anyone six years old or above. At training sites, MSF-certified DBS Coaches will teach you basic riding skills and responsible riding practices, including risk management and environmental awareness.

The Closed Range Exercise provides hands-on riding training with an emphasis on safety and skill development. For more advanced learning, the Introduction to Trail Riding is the next level DirtBike School course designed to familiarize riders with riding off-road on actual trails." (From the Dirt Bike School webpage,

2. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s (MSF) Adventure Bike Rider Course.

"This single-day course includes riding and discussions on a dirt training range, for owners of ADV and Dual-Purpose motorcycles who wish to learn 12 fundamental skills for riding their motorcycle off-road. This includes riding on low-traction surfaces with an emphasis on body positioning and rider-active control techniques needed for off-road environments. The course is for licensed riders who own an Adventure Bike (ADV) or Dual-Purpose bike and have experience with it on the street. A motorcycle license is required, but no prior off-road riding experience is necessary." (From the Adventure Bike RiderCourse webpage,

3. The Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association’s (ROHVA) Recreational Off-Road Vehicle (ROV) Basic DriverCourse.

The Closed Range Exercises include:

Understanding and identifying an ROV’s primary parts and controls

Starting out and stopping smoothly

Low speed steering

Turning and backing up

Braking, both normal and quick stops


At the end of the course, each student will be given a copy of the Tips Guide for the ROV Driver and discuss topics such as using a spotter, driving on different terrains, and vehicle recovery methods. The Tips Guide for the ROV Driver is theirs to keep and is a great resource for practicing the skills they have learned throughout the DriverCourse." (From the ROV BasicDriver course webpage, You must complete the free online ROHVA Safety E-Course before conducting the closed course exercises. Sign up here.

These courses are focused on providing the student with basic skills necessary to safely operate off-road. They are perfect for the beginner and great for the experienced operator who wants to improve their skills. Whether it's for yourself or someone you know, if you're seeking basic safety-focused training, we've got you covered!

Our certified instructor currently offers these courses, on an as needed basis, at ETTS in Waxahachie and Sprocket Ranch in Rice TX.

Visit our website to find out more and subscribe for updates.

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